Where to look for Stressless Sofa Sale?

Before you start looking for a Stressless sofa on sale, you should know a little more about this wonderful piece of furniture. The Stressless sofa is one of the most innovative items to come along in a very long time. Manufactured by Ekornes Furniture in Norway, the Stressless line does have a long history but the basics are here. The Stressless line has been manufactured for about 20 years and is the ultimate in comfort so when you find a Stressless sofa on sale, grab one fast.

In 1966, Ekornes launched it’s first line of lounge furniture. But 1971 marked the beginning of the Stressless line of furniture. These chairs and sofas just scream luxury,comfort and relaxation. As soon as you sit on one of the recliner sofas, you are immediately immersed in soft leather which surrounds your body. Ekornes has now been in business for over sixty years and still takes wonderful care of it’s customers.

There are several furniture stores online currently running sales on the Stressless sofas with many different styles and color to choose from. Always call first to make sure of availability. Almost all of the prices include shipping costs as well. One of the better sites is Gallery Furniture which is having a huge Stressless sofa on sale. Watch out for the look alikes though as there are many of them. Make sure that the Stressless sofa has the Ekornes mark on the side to ensure that you are getting a true Stressless sofa.

As always, buy from a reputable dealer with credentials and always ask for a warranty. If you buy offline the same rules apply. Examine the sofa to make sure that it is in good shape. The Stressless sofa comes in two different types. One has only one recliner on the end and the other has one recliner on each end. You can get these with options as well. From cupholders to massage units, these are so relaxing to sit in or take a nap in. These are truly an investment. The Vitality web website is also having a huge sale on these sofas, and you can save thousands of dollars this way. TheFind.com is another good site that knocks thousands off of the Stressless sofa.

Just a tip here.. the Ekornes furniture site has their leather care kit available online. One of the main things that makes these sofas so nice to sit on is the easy gliding mechanism of the recliner which also provides lumbar support and neck support. Whether you choose the high back or low back Stressless sofa, you are in for a treat. The recliners are individual and very comfortable. The SofaCompany website has a very good selection of the Stressless sofas on sale. They offer many colors of their famous leather covering. This Stressless sofa sale also includes their selection of sectional Stressless sofas. Enjoy the comfort of a Stressless sofa. If you do decide to buy online, make sure that the store offers a warranty.

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Ekornes Stressless Sofa

The sofa has been a staple furniture item in the American home for centuries. People sit on the sofa, lie down on the sofa and even at times eat on the sofa. The sofa is the center gathering spot for family during holidays and get togethers. The Ekornes sofa has raised the quality standards in sofa construction for many years now. They are committed to the world’s finest sofas and are always looking for ways to improve their product. Ekornes realizes that comfort is the number one priority that customers have in mind when looking at sofas to purchase for their home. But the Ekornes sofa is also extremely well built and a beautiful addition to the room as well.

How Well-Built is an Ekornes Sofa

The Ekornes Stressless sofa is made with total comfort in mind and is the only sofa made that has complete lumbar support. Ekornes sofa construction starts with a plush foam padding to ensure optimum comfort which is then fitted onto a steel frame which allows the padding to contour to your specific body frame. This guarantees that the padded cushions outlast most others. The ultra soft polyester fibers give a touch of luxury. Flexible springs on the stainless steel frame enforces the durable construction and gives the design a strength not found on other sofas. The Stressless sofa has the unique Plus system which provides biologically correct support for the head as well as the lower back. Only the finest top grain leather available, which comes in a large selection of colors, covers the Ekornes Stressless sofa to give it that extra touch of luxurious comfort. The Stressless sofa was one of the first reclining sofas made. The Ekornes sofa has the effortless glide system which means easy comfort adjustments. Every part of the Ekornes sofa has a purpose with only the customers comfort in mind.

Where are Ekornes Sofas Made

At the present time, Ekornes sofas are made in Ikornnes, Scandanavia but that will change in 2012. Hendrick Construction just won a huge contract for the construction of an Ekornes Furniture assembly plant in Charlotte, N.C. Ekornes will start furniture production, including Ekornes sofas, in 2012. This will provide thousands of jobs here at home. Ekornes sofas are available in many local furniture stores as well as online. Ekorne provides each customer with all the furniture information, measurements, guarantees and much more. Always be sure you are buying your Ekornes sofa from a reputable dealer if you are not buying online. Make sure you get all the information on the furniture as well as whether or not there is a guarantee and return policy. Very few people return their Ekornes sofa but some do. Most customers consider these and investment in their comfort that lasts for many years to come. Take care of you Ekornes sofa by lightly dusting, especially in crevices, and an ever so often wiping down with a leather cleaner and moisturizer. This will extend the life of your Ekornes sofa.

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There are lots of benefits that can come from getting Cheap Stressless Chairs recliners. These chairs can be found from lower $500 range and up to few thousands. They are well worth their selling price dependant upon the requirement for the chair. These kinds of chairs are first renowned for alleviating stress. Cheap Stressless recliners may also reward those with various health issues.
Your budget might be much of your consideration when shopping for a Stressless Chairs product. Fortunately, there are numerous reclining chairs available on the market today. There are actually excellent choices to adjust to within virtually any budget. There are actually critical factors to make prior to you buying the proper recliner. Let’s take a look at a number of the wonderful reasons to invest in these kinds of reclining chair products.
1. There are  number of workforces in your home
The more working members of your family, the more likely you will require a stressless recliner. These types of chairs are generally resulting from relieving stress. This can be stress connected with work or any issue. They are made to provide comfort for your entire body. Details like head support and back support are fantastic.
This may be a big benefit to individuals with primarily physical jobs. Regardless of whether your work isn’t physically demanding, you can enjoy a stressless recliner. Individuals with home theaters specially love these purchases. They might enrich movie watching and family time.
2. You might have neck or back problems
Those with precise physical issues can benefit from the purchase of a Cheap Stressless Chairs recliner. These kinds of issues make the cost of these recliners a lot more than worth it. In case you have neck issues you will discover stressless reclining chairs to fit you. These types of chairs are created with aid to your head area. This really is more than head rests of similar recliners.
Stressless Chairs recliners also provide end users back support. The lower back incorporates 5 spinal vertebrae of the back. Recliners that concentrate on this area help people with problems relieve stress from this area. A lot of people realize that these chairs enable them to to conquer neck and back concerns.
3. You have a high stress job
Individuals who work with high stress positions value their relaxation. Determined by your valuation on comfort, you may see whether stressless recliners are worthwhile. Many appreciate at least 30 minutes of stress-free time in their reclining chairs. These chairs offer you not only physical leisure, but mental relaxation as well.
Choosing the best recliner will require you to definitely decide how important these items are to you personally. Individuals with stressful jobs can benefit daily from these great buys. Stressless reclining chairs can behave as systems to manage both physical issues and stress related issues.
4.You spend a couple of hours or more watching television
There is no secrete that recliners are often used to watch tv shows or movies. Folks who spend approximately 2 hours every day viewing television can usually benefit from these chairs. Stressless Chairs recliners are made with fantastic details. There’re made to offer consumers with greatest level of comfort and relaxation.
Cheap Stressless Chairs products are ideal for alleviating stress. They can be enjoyable to utilize if you are seeing your favorite shows too. If you don’t spend a lot of time watching television, this may not be the right purchase for you. You can find more affordable types than $1299. These might be less expensive picks for your use.
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Stressless Furniture Best For Home & You

Stressless furniture is an extension of our personality and our taste. Your home can be as big as castles or you can live in the attic room, it is your personal touch and your unique style that makes this area of your home and you feel comfortable immediately and warm. Stressless furniture does not need to be expensive, but it will give you great looking home and great healthy body and mind for your family and you.

Furniture that good for you

When guest entered the living room, the first thing that caught their attention, of course, the  furniture that you just bought for your home. In fact, the Stressless sofa, will be the focus of the living room. Furthermore, the decoration in the living room will also depend on the type of  furniture, apart from their position, color, design, size and not forgetting the health aspects the furniture will give to it users. Various types of Stressless furniture available in the market today designed to give you the main level of comfort and free from stress, every time you take a sit on in the Stressless sofa.

Stressless furniture as decor

Apart from giving you the desired level of comfort and convenience, Stressless furniture available today also give you a touch of talent for decoration in your living room, improving the appearance of the room will also support the main purposed of having a Stressless recliner or model of Stressless furniture. At present, furniture stores such as Ekorner give you the flexibility to choose as your personal preferences and decoration in your home. There are various types of Stressless chairs that are divided into several categories to choose from, catering to the needs of different people the Ekorner will always be a great place to buy your  furniture. You can find a variety of Stressless sofa, Stressless recliner and many other. The furniture from Ekorner will always fit into the contemporary home decoration that you wanted.

Stressless furniture Changing Trends

In line with changes in lifestyle, there are major changes in the pattern used for Stressless. Health policy is one of the things that are appropriate to the current needs of healthy living and comfort. Although in the past Stressless furniture have been seen as expensive for most homeowner, but the situation have change. Now the stressless furnitures  are affordable by most people, the furniture have also become a permanent feature of many homes. Stressless furniture have gradually become very popular with time all with the help of news report about it success in helping human to have great and healthy life.

The changing of time, there are major changes in lifestyle. Especially the larger cities, living at home has been greatly reduced, and because these people have started looking for furniture that can be adapted to change as the situation changers. Stressless furniture provide you with a very flexible way to use. It is actually made of leather or other flexible fibers that can be used for sitting or just to take a short nap.

Stressless furniture are considered good for people who have health issue with their body or even their mind and spirit. Maybe the time for you have come to check out the most suitable Stressless furniture.


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Why shouldn’t a sofa turn out to be equally comfortable as a recliner? So, Ekornes started creating sofas with individual reclining seats. They were a huge success, and Elornes continued their quest to make the world’s most comfortable seats, giving their sofas more and more ground breaking advantages. Like including the choice of low-back or high-back and also the adaptable headrest for perfect neck support.
Style and appearance are essential. Yet like Stressless recliner chairs,restful in a Stressless sofa is dependant on coziness and exactly how superb your body feels when you are seated. That’s why Ekornes began making Stressless sofas in two different sizes, so that everyone could experience the Stressless ’ fantastic world of comfort.
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