Stressless chairs covers are an option for you to protect your expensive Stressless chairs from being a victim of dust, coffee or even your naughty children. Basically, a Stressless chairs covers is associated for the convenience of the homeowner. You should consider the material that best suits your home decor. It also needs to be suitable with the style and design of the Stressless chairs.
There are many types of commonly used coating material for  chairs covers which are leather, fabric, PVC (synthetic material). However, in this article we will only compare two materials that are leather and synthetic material.

Leather Stressless Chairs Covers

Leather Stressless chairs covers material that is considered the most expensive among other materials, because the skin is taken directly from the cows back. It will not have a lot of wrinkles on the surface. When viewed from quality point of view, there are two, namely leather top grain and split leather.
Top grain leather is the best type of leather chairs covers because its surface is made smooth and elastic. While the split grain leather has second grade quality, which has the characteristics of hard and inelastic surface. However, in distinguishing quality of the leather chairs covers does not lie on the surface but the softness of the skin texture.
Although the split-grain leather covers quality is number two, there are still many who love it. The price is relatively cheaper than the price of top-grain Stressless chairs covers; it also has a decent durability for long lasting use.

Synthetic or Oscar Stressless Chairs Covers

Synthetic Stressless chairs covers; this type of material is more commonly known as the Oscars. Actually physically similar to the skin, it’s just that the quality is far below the skin or leather and its durability is not that great. However, it has a relatively low price, making the Oscar much in demand to serve as a Stressless chairs covers.
Of the two materials used to make chairs covers, both of course has advantages and disadvantages that you should look. Therefore, before you decide to buy it is to consider the description below.

The Right Stressless Chairs Covers

One of the benefit of leather Stressless chairs covers, it ability to absorb heat from human bodies and can also survive for a long time. In addition to the excess, the covers also have the disadvantage that the materials also tend to be expensive, have limitations in width. Limitations of the skin are a result of less width cowhide.
Synthetic materials or Oscar covers is relatively cheap and has a wide surface. However, Oscar Stressless chairs covers weakness; it can be very hot if you sit for too long on the Stressless chair. In term of durability, the synthetic materials or Oscar chairs covers could not last long; perhaps only survive for a year. If more than that the material will break easily and tend to look rumpled. This is because Oscar does not have elastic properties such as skin.
Therefore, it is better to choose leather rather the synthetic or Oscar Stressless chairs covers for your Stressless chair.

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