The Ekorn Stressless recliner, was designed to be the greatest luxury in recliners. Built in 1971 by Ekorn’s Furniture, it provides comfort and lumbar support in either the reclined or upright position. Now, the company, which is located in Norway, does a huge amount of business and is world famous. Jens Ekorns started Ekorn’s Furniture in 1934 in a very small building in the outskirts of Norway. At first there were only 3 employees and some very old German machinery. Since then, the accomplishments that they have made in the field of high quality furniture have made the company world famous. Ekorn started his business building bed springs and decided that he was very unhappy with the mattresses that were then being made. During World War 2, Ekorn’s Furniture suffered many losses but persevered and made a huge comeback with his innovative mattress designs. This was accomplished while he visited a furniture convention show and became fascinated with a British sofa mattress design that included spring coils on each side. Ekorns decided to apply this unique design to bed mattresses. These mattresses are now known by the name of Svene. In 1966 Jens Ekorn began to design and build furniture and produced a line of club furniture that would bear the name “Ekorn” It was in 1971 he moved his entire company to the United States where he designed the Ekorn Stressless Recliner.

What is so Special about the Ekorn Stressless Recliner

The Ekorn Stressless recliner glides on rollers to go from the upright to reclining position and back to the upright position. This is much smoother than the jerking motion of the lever recliner as it utilizes personal body weight to trigger when it reclines and when it remains upright. The Ekorn Stressless recliner wheels glide effortlessly into the reclining position. However, it does make a slight sound every time it moves and does require proper maintenence to avoid problems later on.

The Ekorn Stressless Recliner Provides Head and Lumbar Support

One of the great features of The Ekorn Stressless Recliner is the excellent head and lumbar support that is adjustable with the head rest which leans back as the head does. If you have weak neck muscles, this can take a little getting used to. The best position for the head rest is to keep it reclined.

The Size of the Ekorn Stressless Recliner is Customized

One of the more unique features of the Ekorn Stressless Recliner is the variety of sizes that it comes in. This makes it practical for those who have a smaller living space yet still want comfort. This feature also makes it available to larger customers as well.

The Ekorn Stressless Recliner is Guaranteed

The Ekorn Stressless Recliner comes with a 10 yr. guarantee which covers the recliner wheels, the metal frame, and all internal mechanisms. It does not cover the upholstery or the woodwork.

Consider the Ekorn Stressless Recliner

Furniture is a rather large investment and requires much consideration and price comparison. A longer guarantee is nice, but you have to consider quality as well and the Ekorn Stressless Recliner built to last a very long time.

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