Ekornes Stressless Sofa

The sofa has been a staple furniture item in the American home for centuries. People sit on the sofa, lie down on the sofa and even at times eat on the sofa. The sofa is the center gathering spot for family during holidays and get togethers. The Ekornes sofa has raised the quality standards in sofa construction for many years now. They are committed to the world’s finest sofas and are always looking for ways to improve their product. Ekornes realizes that comfort is the number one priority that customers have in mind when looking at sofas to purchase for their home. But the Ekornes sofa is also extremely well built and a beautiful addition to the room as well.

How Well-Built is an Ekornes Sofa

The Ekornes Stressless sofa is made with total comfort in mind and is the only sofa made that has complete lumbar support. Ekornes sofa construction starts with a plush foam padding to ensure optimum comfort which is then fitted onto a steel frame which allows the padding to contour to your specific body frame. This guarantees that the padded cushions outlast most others. The ultra soft polyester fibers give a touch of luxury. Flexible springs on the stainless steel frame enforces the durable construction and gives the design a strength not found on other sofas. The Stressless sofa has the unique Plus system which provides biologically correct support for the head as well as the lower back. Only the finest top grain leather available, which comes in a large selection of colors, covers the Ekornes Stressless sofa to give it that extra touch of luxurious comfort. The Stressless sofa was one of the first reclining sofas made. The Ekornes sofa has the effortless glide system which means easy comfort adjustments. Every part of the Ekornes sofa has a purpose with only the customers comfort in mind.

Where are Ekornes Sofas Made

At the present time, Ekornes sofas are made in Ikornnes, Scandanavia but that will change in 2012. Hendrick Construction just won a huge contract for the construction of an Ekornes Furniture assembly plant in Charlotte, N.C. Ekornes will start furniture production, including Ekornes sofas, in 2012. This will provide thousands of jobs here at home. Ekornes sofas are available in many local furniture stores as well as online. Ekorne provides each customer with all the furniture information, measurements, guarantees and much more. Always be sure you are buying your Ekornes sofa from a reputable dealer if you are not buying online. Make sure you get all the information on the furniture as well as whether or not there is a guarantee and return policy. Very few people return their Ekornes sofa but some do. Most customers consider these and investment in their comfort that lasts for many years to come. Take care of you Ekornes sofa by lightly dusting, especially in crevices, and an ever so often wiping down with a leather cleaner and moisturizer. This will extend the life of your Ekornes sofa.

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