Stressless Chair Slip Covers

Creating a new look for your room should begin by providing a new stressless chair slipcover for your Stressless chair. Installing a new slipcover directly will give new life to your old piece of furniture and enhance your living room decor. There are many stressless chair slipcovers that come in many colors and fabrics that will surely fit your Stressless chair, just make sure that they are machine washable for easy maintenance and can be re-used again. Installing new slipcovers for the Stressless cushion will not be easy to do, but there are some steps that you can use in installing one for the valuable part of your furniture.

If you have one piece of Stressless chair, the first thing you should do when installing the cover is to position the holster on the part of the chaise, followed by shoulders. Then, you have to raise the legs are a little left over to smooth out the cover while pulling the arm and hand. Remember to keep the hole for the handle. Pull the top cover and the footrest up to the corner line and tuck the excess fabric to the chair so that it will look neat. Remember you must always buy the best quality slipcovers if you want it to last for a long time.

If you have a multiple-piece seat, you must select a four-piece chair cover and search tags to the left arm, center, front and rear. You must lie down and lift the seat bench to put the cover sleeve. Do not forget to pull the cover to tuck into the seat, and then pull the stressless chair slipcovers to start from behind the center and work your way forward. You also need a top spot to re-cover the chair by pulling down smoothly to the chair. You must stretch the excess fabric recliners for the fine effect. The new cover will surely make your Stressless chair look new and enhance your room décor. A great looking design chair slipcovers will also give you a creative image to your guest.

The style and type of fabric for the Stressless chair slipcovers of your chair depends on your taste and the way your house is laid out and designed. Remember that buying a new slipcover is less expensive than buying a new chair. However, installing the new slipcovers for the Stressless chair are somewhat difficult to do. If you spend enough time in putting up and fix it, you can have better Stressless seats, fresh and updated on only a fraction of the cost you would spend on a new chair. You can buy the new cover by going to the nearest furniture store or by surfing the internet. There are many slipcovers being offered on the internet. You can go to any popular online store to find the right cover for your Stressless Chair. However, the best way to buy a new cover is for you to take your time when searching for the right stressless chair slipcovers.

You can find the best price and selections of the  slipcover for recliner chairs and sofas here

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The Stressless chair was first built by Ekornes furniture in 1971. It was designed to be the “ultimate” recliner, one that could provide comfort and support whether in the upright or reclined position. Today, the company still does a brisk business and has over 20 different models in its recliner line alone.

Likely, if you’re familiar with the Stressless brand, you’ve seen their infomercials or displays in your local furniture store. And you may be wondering if the Stressless recliner is really worth the 99 asking price? Is it that comfortable? Does the company back its product? Is the chair durable? For a full review of the Stressless recliner and the answers to these questions, keep reading.

Glide Reclining

The Stressless chair uses gliding wheels to take the chair from an upright to reclined position and back again. Rather than springing you back and forth with a traditional lever mechanism, the chair simply relies on your body weight and cues to tell it when to sit up and to recline.

Rather than the forced, jarring feeling of your average La-Z-Boy, the Stressless wheels move smoothly and easily. That said, they make a subtle noise with every move and, if the chair isn’t properly maintained and cared for, likely would become a louder problem later.

Comfort for Lumbar and Head

The Ekornes Stressless chair has great lower back and head support that adjust with the headrest. By default, the headrest sits up so you are able to watch TV in a reclined position, but can lay flat with a simply adjustment.

That said, though the headrest is designed to lean back as you lean back your head, the springs are fairly strong and for those with weak neck muscles, it can often feel like it is forcing your head forward. The best solution is to keep the headrest reclined.

Customized Sizes

A great feature of the Ekornes Stressless is that many models come in both small and large sizes. Whether you need to accommodate a smaller living space or a larger body, there’s a Stressless chair that will likely meet your comfort need.


Ekornes offers customers a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanisms in all its chairs. Basically, the metal frame, headrest, lumbar system, metal springs and gliding system are all covered under that 10-year commitment.

While a lengthy guarantee is great, consumers should keep in mind that warranties on the Stressless chair do not include coverage for the leather, fabric upholstery or the woodwork. In lieu of manufacturer’s support, customers will have to rely on local upholsterers and wood workers.

As you consider the prospect of investing in furniture, there are obviously many factors that must be weighed before committing not only to the expense, but also the volume of space taken up in your home. This is even more so when a change of heart would result in fairly significant return delivery charge. Take full advantage of any opportunity to “test drive” the Stressless chair in a store before making the financial plunge.

For insightful information on home furniture options, see, a popular site about handy furnishing pieces, such as the Big Man Chair, cheap computer desks, and many more!

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Where to look for Stressless Sofa Sale?

Before you start looking for a Stressless sofa on sale, you should know a little more about this wonderful piece of furniture. The Stressless sofa is one of the most innovative items to come along in a very long time. Manufactured by Ekornes Furniture in Norway, the Stressless line does have a long history but the basics are here. The Stressless line has been manufactured for about 20 years and is the ultimate in comfort so when you find a Stressless sofa on sale, grab one fast.

In 1966, Ekornes launched it’s first line of lounge furniture. But 1971 marked the beginning of the Stressless line of furniture. These chairs and sofas just scream luxury,comfort and relaxation. As soon as you sit on one of the recliner sofas, you are immediately immersed in soft leather which surrounds your body. Ekornes has now been in business for over sixty years and still takes wonderful care of it’s customers.

There are several furniture stores online currently running sales on the Stressless sofas with many different styles and color to choose from. Always call first to make sure of availability. Almost all of the prices include shipping costs as well. One of the better sites is Gallery Furniture which is having a huge Stressless sofa on sale. Watch out for the look alikes though as there are many of them. Make sure that the Stressless sofa has the Ekornes mark on the side to ensure that you are getting a true Stressless sofa.

As always, buy from a reputable dealer with credentials and always ask for a warranty. If you buy offline the same rules apply. Examine the sofa to make sure that it is in good shape. The Stressless sofa comes in two different types. One has only one recliner on the end and the other has one recliner on each end. You can get these with options as well. From cupholders to massage units, these are so relaxing to sit in or take a nap in. These are truly an investment. The Vitality web website is also having a huge sale on these sofas, and you can save thousands of dollars this way. is another good site that knocks thousands off of the Stressless sofa.

Just a tip here.. the Ekornes furniture site has their leather care kit available online. One of the main things that makes these sofas so nice to sit on is the easy gliding mechanism of the recliner which also provides lumbar support and neck support. Whether you choose the high back or low back Stressless sofa, you are in for a treat. The recliners are individual and very comfortable. The SofaCompany website has a very good selection of the Stressless sofas on sale. They offer many colors of their famous leather covering. This Stressless sofa sale also includes their selection of sectional Stressless sofas. Enjoy the comfort of a Stressless sofa. If you do decide to buy online, make sure that the store offers a warranty.

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All Stressless Chairs fit just like a glove

Discover the secrets of personal comfort of Cheap Stressless Chairs. It will be unfair to personalize the world’s most cozy recliners and sofas to fit just one body shape. Just as our unique tastes differ, so do our bodies. That’s why most Cheap Stressless designs can be purchased in up to three sizes, as one size would not fit all. Visually, the distinctions are subtle, but sit down and you’ll realize that a recliner tailored to your body helps to make the difference.
One way to find your perfect cheap recliner chair, would be to go ahead and take Stressless Comfort test. It only takes a few minutes and guides you through the world of advantages and patented features a Stressless chairs offers. It’s well worth investing some time in a more comfortable way of living.
Stressless® Vision (S), Stressless®  Dream (M) and  Stressless®  Spirit (L) are shown in Classic Vanilla/Wenge
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Cushion for Stressless chairs

The extra Stressless chairs cushions is an option for you to keep your expensive Stressless chair from becoming prey to the dust, espresso or perhaps naughty and active children. Especially, the Stressless chair which is not cheap furniture that you can easily buy without forking out large sum of money. You should consider suitable material ideal home furnishing. Your extra cushion must match the style and blueprints of the original chairs cushion. Yes, you can use chair covers to protect your regular Stressless chair. The Stressless chair comes with so many great features for you to gain a healthy body and mind. However, you would not have the time to change it whenever it is dirty by your active boy and girl. The easiest way is to take out the extra Stressless chair cushions and toss away the dirty or even damage cushion into the mudroom.
The seat blanket made from leather is the most popular and expensive compare to other materials. It may give great looking chairs, but it would not protect your Stressless pads 100%. Even worst it does not give the same comfort as an extra pad would give you. The cow back may have less wrinkles and this make your health chair beautiful, but it not beauty you trying to get from the expensive seat you bought. You want to have a comfy feeling whenever you seat on the chair. If your old cushion has flattened there would be no comfort for you to sit on it. That why the best way is to get an extra cushion. It would also help you to enhance your Stressless chairs.
The new cushion you use to substitute the old cushion would made you as the owner proud with your home furnishing. The top cushion will make the Stressless chair comfy and beautiful. The elastic of the cushion would also help you to rejuvenate your tired body. The great looking design covering the Stressless chairs cushions will also help to enhance the old Stressless chair and don’t be surprised if some of your friend thought you have bought a new chair. In fact, in identifying quality Stressless cushion it does not lie on the surface but the softness of inside the cushion. The cost is cheaper than the cost of brand new Stressless chair. You should buy top quality cushion which will give you the durability for long-term use.
Stressless chair requires you to sit in certain positions for longer periods. This process has many benefits for your body and mental health. However, there are also certain problems one faces if your Stressless chairs cushions are getting old and flat. It will cause tensions in the back, back pain, disorder, pain in the neck and so forth. If you want your health chairs work well then you have to change the cushions. The new Stressless cushion will provide the right posture, proper alignment and comfort to you. Stressless cushion can help you get the right treatment for your tied body. It will also allow your mind to enjoy a deeper state of inner consciousness. Therefore, don’t waste any more time, go out now and buy yourself a new Stressless chairs cushions.

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The Best of Stressless Chairs Sale

Stressless chairs sale will always be good for you, but the most important thing to be kept in concern while buying stressless chairs is the durability and quality components. It is better if you focus on simplicity when buying a stressless chair. There are certain points that you must keep in concern while buying the stressless chairs at the stressless chairs sale.

Go for Basic.

Chairs sale usually offer all types of designs and some are covered in leather or fabric. The best will always be the leather stressless chairs and the prices of this stressless chair usually at it best during the sale. However, you must always check for it quality even though the price just right for you. Don’t forget to ask the sales representative at the stressless chairs discounts. You should tell him or her if you have any ailment. So that the sale representative could suggest to you the right model for your ailment.

Your Home decorations

The era of big houses, wide open living room is almost gone. Due to lack of space, comfort, society, safety, budget and many other reasons people feel better to choose an apartment or condominium as their home. The lack of space will not damper your dream to own a stressless chair. The only thing you should do is to choose the right size stressless chair for your living room or bedroom. At the furniture sale events usually all types of sizes stressless chair are sold, therefore, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to choose from. But you must not fall your desire to own a large size stressless chairs just because you like. This will only caused you problem once you brought it home. The item that is offered during stressless chairs sale can be so enticing even the heart of steel could lose control.

Lack of space at home have force furniture trends to changed. Gone are the days when large furniture used to be considered trendy and stylish. Therefore, small size and cheap chairs that you see at that furniture sale will always be the right size if your home lack of space.

Be Aware at the Sale

After a day of hard worked, the body and mind will bel tired, the comfortable stressless chairs are what we all long for. After too much work and fatigue, you are only looking for a moment to have relaxation and comfortable time at home before spending some quality time with your family. The stressless chairs will always be the best choice to help you regain the loss energy. Furniture sale events will always be a good place for you to find the best stressless chairs available for you either in term of prices or designs. Therefore, always be aware while you at stressless chairs sale.

Stressless chairs not only responsible to take you back to be an active person, but also help you fight the aching at the lower back that you have been having all day. You may never have thought this way, but you have to agree that spending a few moments in the stressless chairs will give one of the most important experience to your life. This is why before buying any stressless chairs you must be very sure about what you really want from it. Comfort, durability and style are the factors you have to judge the chair when you at stressless chairs sale.

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Stressless chairs covers are an option for you to protect your expensive Stressless chairs from being a victim of dust, coffee or even your naughty children. Basically, a Stressless chairs covers is associated for the convenience of the homeowner. You should consider the material that best suits your home decor. It also needs to be suitable with the style and design of the Stressless chairs.
There are many types of commonly used coating material for  chairs covers which are leather, fabric, PVC (synthetic material). However, in this article we will only compare two materials that are leather and synthetic material.

Leather Stressless Chairs Covers

Leather Stressless chairs covers material that is considered the most expensive among other materials, because the skin is taken directly from the cows back. It will not have a lot of wrinkles on the surface. When viewed from quality point of view, there are two, namely leather top grain and split leather.
Top grain leather is the best type of leather chairs covers because its surface is made smooth and elastic. While the split grain leather has second grade quality, which has the characteristics of hard and inelastic surface. However, in distinguishing quality of the leather chairs covers does not lie on the surface but the softness of the skin texture.
Although the split-grain leather covers quality is number two, there are still many who love it. The price is relatively cheaper than the price of top-grain Stressless chairs covers; it also has a decent durability for long lasting use.

Synthetic or Oscar Stressless Chairs Covers

Synthetic Stressless chairs covers; this type of material is more commonly known as the Oscars. Actually physically similar to the skin, it’s just that the quality is far below the skin or leather and its durability is not that great. However, it has a relatively low price, making the Oscar much in demand to serve as a Stressless chairs covers.
Of the two materials used to make chairs covers, both of course has advantages and disadvantages that you should look. Therefore, before you decide to buy it is to consider the description below.

The Right Stressless Chairs Covers

One of the benefit of leather Stressless chairs covers, it ability to absorb heat from human bodies and can also survive for a long time. In addition to the excess, the covers also have the disadvantage that the materials also tend to be expensive, have limitations in width. Limitations of the skin are a result of less width cowhide.
Synthetic materials or Oscar covers is relatively cheap and has a wide surface. However, Oscar Stressless chairs covers weakness; it can be very hot if you sit for too long on the Stressless chair. In term of durability, the synthetic materials or Oscar chairs covers could not last long; perhaps only survive for a year. If more than that the material will break easily and tend to look rumpled. This is because Oscar does not have elastic properties such as skin.
Therefore, it is better to choose leather rather the synthetic or Oscar Stressless chairs covers for your Stressless chair.

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Getting Stressless Recliners Discount

For more than 40 years, Stressless recliners have brought a sense of heaven to the word “chair”. With the wonderful lumbar support and gliding smooth motion as you recline, these chairs have become the epitome of luxury. Now it is time for a Stressless recliner discount. These are not used chairs, nor are they older models. But some furniture dealers are realizing that not everyone has the money to buy these wonderful chairs at full price. These are hard-working people who need to relax as much as others do. Sometimes a furniture store will over order too much of an item and sell them at a discount.

Lifestyles Furniture has, for a short time, the Stressless recliner on a special discount. These are brand new chairs, just discontinued models that are perfectly comfortable. This store has made a commitment to buy Ekornes Stressless clearance recliners and ottomans straight from the Norway production line. These are still in the original boxes that they were shipped in. Due to the fact that these are discontinued and discounted items, you should call first to check availability. They have the Stressless Governor design on discount as a 2011 Closeout item. It is available in black, sand and chocolate. These were made in a limited amount. They also have different wood bases to choose from. The Stressless Senator is another 2011 Closeout item in the same colors.

The EuroFurniture Store also has the Stressless recliner at a discounted price but they have much more selection to choose from and more colors as well including some beautiful blues and greens. Check out their website for more info and availability. Bari Leather Furniture offers not only the Stressless recliners on discount but also free shipping as well. Call in advance before ordering for availability. They have a wide assortment of styles and colors as well as different sizes. Bova Furniture is another good site that has Stressless recliners marked down at a discount price. Gallery Furniture is also another good place to find the Stressless recliners at a discount price. There is also the site which is just awesome with their selection of Stressless recliners at a discounted price.

Remember, just because a piece of furniture is discounted it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with it. The company, in this case, Ekornes Furniture, just overproduced certain styles. The chairs come in the original boxes. If you do an internet search, you can find pages and pages of places to get these wonderful chairs. Some of the styles, colors, and wood bases are limited though. But you can get them at a really good price. Don’t pass up on these sweet deals. But always make sure you are buying from someone reputable that has a warranty on the purchase as well as a return policy. Find out how long the place, whichever one you decide to buy from, has been in business. Enjoy the extreme luxury of a Stressless recliner discount without breaking your wallet.

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Ekornes Stressless Sofas Prices

It is safe to say that Stressless sofa prices have not gone down and will not any time soon. But the old saying that you pay for what you get is also true. These sofas are a little on the expensive side, but the comfort and quality that goes into the Stressless sofas are well worth it. The smooth gliding recliner built into each end of the Stressless sofa brings both luxury and comfort. It provides total relaxation and that is something that is priceless. So who has the best Stressless sofa prices?

There are so many different websites that come up when you do a search for Stressless sofas. The Sofa Company website is pretty cool in that it has the feature of low-high prices button to show the best choices available for your individual price range. This saves the time of looking at the hundreds of selections that they have that might be too expensive for your budget. Even though the Stressless sofa is the best in quality it is still a little too high dollar for some who are strapped for cash. But they do have these wonderful couches for a little over three thousand. And they have a wide selection of colors and styles too.

Lifestyles Furniture is another good site with even more colors and styles to choose from. These come in 2-seat and 3-seat styles. The comfortable leather just begs you to sit in it. And they have free shipping on most styles as well. Furniture Boardwalk has even more styles from a single seat to triple seat as well as sectional Stressless sofas at a really good price and many colors. The prices may seem a little high but they also include shipping too. There are also some sites which offer discount Stressless sofas prices.

Shop Stressless is another great site that does have discount pricing on their Stressless sofas. They also have the loveseat design as well. Gallery Furniture has the Stressless sofas at discount prices as well. The prices on all of these sofas include shipping. So, if you count that expense, these sofas really aren’t that expensive. And when you count the long lasting quality of the leather, and workmanship that goes into these, then you can see why these pieces of furniture are considered more of an investment. When you recline in a Stressless sofa, you can feel all of the muscles relax in your body. You can’t do that with other sofas. These sofas outlast all others on the market with their superior quality. The leather is only the finest around and very easy to take care of. Just simply wipe with a dry cloth and it’s done.

These sofas go with any decor even outside on the patio and nothing graces a sunroom like the Stressless sofa. But always make sure that you do a little investigating on the dealer that you do choose to buy from whether online or offline. Make sure they have been in business for a few years and even check with the BBB. Make sure also that they provide a warranty. Do more searches on Stressless sofa prices.

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The stressless recliner chairs are one of Europe famous furniture and for that alone it is also expensive for many of us. However, you should know the high price carry many benefits to the buyers and users of this top quality product from Ekornes. It is not your ordinary recliner chairs, it gives you health benefits to your body and mind. You can get this from another type of recliners. If you a busy lawyer or accountant, you would always find that you got backaches and stress on your body and mind. Just by sitting in the stressless recliner for 20 to 30 minutes after work you would surely find that your body and mind rejuvenate again and this will help you to enjoy the evening with your family in a much relaxing mood.

You can’t get this from other recliners, only Ekornes Stressless furniture can give you the right healing process. The Ekornes recliners are not only meant for home users but also can be used at the office. You can buy one for your office used. You can use the recliner while doing your work at the office desk or you can just use it when you feel too tired or you have been having a stressful day. It is recommended that your stressless chair should not be used by others in the office because every Stressless recliner has its own set which is meant for the owner comfort position.

The stressless recliner chairs can help to return your energy after spending long hours at work. You can sit in the chair after coming home from the office. Or you can use it while watching the TV. You will be watching your favorite show and the recliner will be doing its job to make every muscle relax.  It will take away the stress you are feeling on your body. You can feel the blood in your veins is moving more naturally. Your mind will also be calmer and relax. The Ekornes product really helps you to get a healthy body.

The stressless recliner chairs have always been known to be expensive, but now it getting more affordable, but still continuing to give the same great quality product. You will never be wasting your money for buying these recliners. The benefits you get from this chair is more important than the money you pay for. During the Ekornes sale events, it is a good idea for you to go there to the recliner because during the sale the Stressless chairs will be offered at prices that are cheaper than the original prices.

Buying this recliner chair would not need you to have any special skills because the chairs are designed and built to be user-friendly. The recliners also have been designed to look beautiful and would be perfect to be placed in any room of the house. You would definitely enhance your home décor. The high-quality standard of these chairs in term of materials used and workmanship helps the recliner chairs to be in service for a long time. There is much useful information that you could get from the internet about the Stressless recliner chairs.

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